School Software The Pros & Cons Of An Educational ERP System

In this computer technology age, technology has changed the way we live. Education is such a field where technology and computer plays a vital role in delivering better education than in the traditional ways. Another way of learning techniques like smart education, online courses which enhanced the skills of the educational institution. It helps in improving the operation and making the management more transparent.

School ERP System over Traditional Method

Educational ERP has various advantages over traditional methods of administration. Time and efficiency are the two important factors that ahead the software ERP over traditional system. Managing the transaction of financial funds and tracking their reports strengthens their records. The school has some basic level operation like inventory, financial and other complex task can be easily handled through ERP system. The main purpose of implementing educational ERP software is that it ensures the optimum utilization of resources.

Advantages of Educational ERP

An educational ERP has various features and it offers a lot to the school. Some of the important features are described here:-

School Data is Secure:Data and information about the school is more secure on the web server then stored physically on the shelves. Data is secured on the server and have backup of information. Physical storing of data is a challenging task.

Focus more on Quality Education:By the implementation of the ERP system, Teachers do not require to fill the attendance, mark sheet of every student after exams, a lot of time is saved and thus teachers delivers more quality education to the students.

Quicker Management Task: – With the help of educational ERP software, it streamlines all the operation of the school and make it faster as never before. Admission process of new session student and their report preparation can be done by a single click.

Better Organization of Data: School data is organized by the organization in the way they want. It helps in proper management and data is accessed by just a single click.

Drawback of Implementation of Educational ERP

An educational ERP has a lot of positive aspects, but it also has some limitation. With the help of educational ERP, school management is available by just a single click. Some drawback of the ERP implementation is:-

a) The cost of ERP to implement, analysis, configuration and customization becomes costly to the less profit educational institution.

b) For the complicated ERP system, it requires training to the staff members to make it user friendly.

Now the time has come to implement the ERP to all the educational institutions in a smarter way. It makes school more presentable and respectable among peers.