Tips To Save Your Internet Explorer (ie) Browser From Being Hijacked

Browser hijacking is very common these days on account of frequent virus or spyware attack. Your Internet Explorer (IE) browser is the medium through which you get to browse through various websites available on the web. You can imagine the situation if you lose command and reach websites that you never wanted to visit. Well, similar problem can crop up, if your browser is being hijacked and you land up on those sites that are not appropriate for your PC’s security and overall performance.

If you keep your browser exposed to online threats like viruses and spyware there are chances that you will be redirected to a different page irrespective of the fact that your home page is different. So dealing with viruses and spyware is one of the most useful ways of safeguarding the Internet IE browser from being hijacked.

By applying some precautionary measures you can rest assured that your IE is protected and hijackers will fail to penetrate the wall you have raised. Below mentioned are the tips that can help you in protecting the IE browser:

• The browser protection starts with the update of IE browser and the operating system (OS). So first of all install the latest version of the browser by visiting Windows Updates on the Microsoft website. You are advised to go with the latest, improved and more secure MSIE 10. Moreover consider installing security patches that are freely available. Installing service packs and patches for Windows ameliorates the browser security against hijackers.

• The next step is to swap Microsoft Java VM (Virtual machine) with Sun Java. This you can download for free from the Java website . This is important because Sun Java VM is considered more secure than the MS Java. The flaws in MS Java VM can be exploited by hijackers to take control of your IE browser. So going with Sun’s Java is a smart and prudent option.

Now perform the following steps strictly in the sequence they are mentioned:

• Open the ‘Internet Options’ through the Windows control panel appearing horizontal at the top

• Click on the ‘Security’ tab

• Click on the ‘Internet’ to highlight it and then click on ‘Custom Level’

• Here you have to choose ‘medium’ from the drop down box appearing at the bottom and then click on the ‘Reset’ button

• Finally click on ‘OK’ to apply the changes.

Exercise caution while installing programs from anonymous or unauthentic sources. You must acknowledge the fact that most of the malware infections travel via third party bundles. These bundles install various unwanted programs that can jeopardize your browser’s security.

The tips mentioned above are of great help in protecting IE browser installed on your system. However, if you want foolproof security for your browser then consider calling the computer support service providers.